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What are Albino Penis Envy Mushrooms?

What is penis envy?

Albino Penis Envy Mushrooms is an extremely potent strain that belongs to the Psilocybe Cubensis species. This strain is a derivative of the popular Penis Envy, which boasts a high level of potency and Albino PE. The unique albino penis envy was developed by Chronic Club—a company that supplies exotic mushroom spores. It’s often reported to be the strongest of the Penis Envy variants and derives its name from its resemblance to the male reproductive organ. The small, slow-growing mushrooms are characterized by extremely thick stems, heavily bruised blue coloration, and pale, underdeveloped caps, which sometimes turn blue. Their coloration is an indication of higher psilocybin content. The penis envy mushroom is very rare because it has a short shelf life and its demand is high because of its potency. Moreover, albino envy mushrooms drop very few spores so the strain is quite to proliferate from spores.

Albino penis envy mushrooms evoke intense feelings of euphoria, happiness, and deep introspection. It’s an interesting way to subdue feelings of uneasiness or anxiety and chalk up a conversation. The social benefits of penis envy shrooms are incredible. Along with causing mental stimulation and making you more energetic, this strain is known to increase your self-confidence in social settings and giving you a greater sense of connection and extroversion. This is the type of mushroom you need when you want to sink into deep thought and come up with better ideas.

The super potency of the albino penis envy mushrooms can be attributed to its genetic makeup (the combination of the infamous penis envy and albino PE), and its slow-growing process which prompts more production of psilocybin. Also, the albinism in the penis envy mushroom contributes to the higher potency. Penis envy shrooms can be consumed in various ways.

Three ways to consume penis albino penis envy shrooms

Eat them whole

You can simply chew penis envy mushroom and swallow them. It’s advisable to chew them well so that you can start experiencing feelings of intense euphoria sooner. Wash them down with your favourite drink.

Make penis envy shroom smoothie

You can blend albino penis envy mushrooms in a blender with fruits and vegetables and drink the smoothie. Compared to eating penis envy mushroom whole, making a smoothie is a quicker way to experience the effects. You can add up to 4 grams of penis envy if you want intense effects.

Make penis envy tea

Boil 1 cup of water and add 1.25 – 2 grams of penis envy shrooms. Continue boiling the mixture for 30 minutes. Drink the resulting tea and eat the shrooms.

Benefits of Albino Penis Envy Mushrooms

Anecdotal evidence shows that penis envy shrooms can help to improve mood, reduce stress, and evoke feelings of joy. Research has also shown that albino penis envy mushrooms may be used in managing medical conditions like PTSD and inflammation.


Overall, penis envy shrooms are known by many for the intense effects they induce. At Chronic Club, we have authentic penis envy shrooms bred in optimal environments. Visit the Chronic Club website and browse our array of magic mushrooms. CHRONIC CLUB offers to help people to experience the best of psychedelics within and outside the borders of Canada. With their finely processed psilocybin products produced from their premium CHRONIC CLUB MAGIC MUSHROOM collection, ranging from microdoses to edibles, you can get to enjoy your trips. At CHRONIC CLUB, they are committed to contributing to the recovery of mental health as part of our prime objectives for establishing the company. They grow our own shrooms and hence, high quality is assured and creates enjoyable and effective products. They will help you become focused, amplify your thoughts and memories, and bring you that much needed inner peace. They also give $10 off your first order of psilocybin using promo code CHRONIC10.

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