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Chronic Club™ - Windsor's Cannabis Guide

Now that cannabis legalization is a reality, the country’s various municipalities are left scrambling to figure out how they will accommodate its residents and visitors. The legal consumption of cannabis is now available in all Canadian provinces and territories, like Windsor.


In 2017, Canada’s Cannabis Act was ratified and officially came into effect. This act replaced criminal marijuana charges with civil infractions. Before we get into the details of cannabis legalization, let’s discuss what decrim is.

Decriminalization is a process that removes or lowers the severity of a certain law or action. In this case, decriminalization changes the status of cannabis from something illegal to something “forgiven”. Basically, when weed is decriminalized, the consequences of consuming or possessing it are reduced to nothing more than a fine, if any at all.

Possession and Consumption

The Cannabis Act has set out certain restrictions on the place and manner in which cannabis can be consumed. Cannabis consumers have the freedom to possess up to 30 grams of dried flower or an infused edible, for personal use. This is a stark contrast to other cities with legal cannabis, such as Toronto, where the rule is one plant per household.

As for public consumption, you must be mindful of where you smoke. You are able to smoke cannabis on private property or in cannabis-friendly space.

Where to Buy Cannabis in Windsor

As part of the preparations for cannabis legalization, Windsor created the Windsor Cannabis Retail Enforcement team in February of 2019. This team is responsible for enforcing the city’s cannabis bylaws and investigating illegal cannabis sales in the city. The city has also passed bylaws that prohibit cannabis sales in certain areas. As of June 2019, the bylaws state that cannabis sales must be in industrial and commercial areas of the city.

These areas are defined as the following: Central Windsor, North East Industrial, North Industrial, South East Industrial, Downtown, East Riverside, West Riverside, South Windsor, and South Industrial. The city has also created a complaints hotline that people can use to report any vendors selling cannabis in prohibited areas.

Cannabis Prices in Windsor

As with most products, the price of cannabis varies from store to store. If you’re purchasing from one of the Windsor medical marijuana dispensaries, you can expect to pay around $10 per gram. Purchasing from a legal recreational cannabis dispensary in Windsor. You can expect to pay around $7-10 for a gram of dried flower.

If you’re in the market for other forms of cannabis. Such as pre-rolled joints, edibles, tinctures, or topicals, Chronic Club™ offers many of these at a bargain!

Did we mention that orders at Chronic Club™ are shipped for free at $150 and up? As for buying weed online in Windsor, it’s extremely convenient.

Mail Order Marijuana Delivery in Windsor

Windsor is the city in Ontario, where marijuana is becoming extremely popular these days. In fact, the province is probably the largest cannabis market in the country right now. Although the province is rich with marijuana dispensaries. It may still be a lot easier for you to get your favorite weed online.

Moreover, if you like to keep your purchases discreet. Using Chronic Club™ in Windsor allows you to stay safe and have your favorite green goodies delivered to your door. Although there are some places to get weed in Windsor, we recommend you to consider shopping for marijuana products online.