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The Revival of Psychedelics Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic


It would not be an exaggeration to say that this year has been exhausting. The world has morphed drastically in a disruptive manner in a ridiculously short period. A lot of people’s lifestyles are barely recognizable from the way they were in 2019. Many have lost their loved ones, their paying jobs, and the independence which they once held dear. Peculiar to a pandemic like this, even in the much less spread SARs epidemic of the early 2000s, there has been a huge increase in the number of cases of depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

These negative effects require treatment. However, the pandemic has arrived at a time when the much-maligned ‘psychedelic revival’ begins to attain relevance. It is becoming apparent that the initiation of psychedelic solutions will be necessary to deal with the offsets of the Covid-19 era.

Due to the predicted prevalence of mental health issues, many experts such as Dr. Morgan Campbell are beckoning on the United States Food and Drugs Agency to hasten through the bundle of protocols that guide the authorization of new drugs and grants temporary approval’ for the administration of psychedelic therapy. Many cases of mental illness have begun to surface due to Covid-19. This should spur the accreditation of treatments and ensuring their availability, to set those affected on the road to recovery.

In a statement released by Dr. Morgan Campbell, he reiterated that in about twenty years that have been dedicated to the testing psychedelic substances like psilocybin and MDMA, the results have shown that they are much more effective compared to the medically approved treatments in circulations for depression and PTSD. Considering how things have turned out, the stand maintained on the availability of these drugs should be shifted to favour it to match the speed at which the world is evolving.

First-timers in Isolation

The use of psilocybin is unrestricted to the aftermath of Covid-19. Many people have already found comfort in using it. It has been a lifeline for most people during the lengthy and disturbing hours in lockdown. They have enjoyed their first trip to Psilocybin.

Since the lockdown has intimidated people into reassessing their priorities and altering their lifestyles during restrictions, many who have always considered psychedelics, but never tried it, have now had ample time to test the waters.

Freeing your Mind

One of the benefits of a psychedelic trip is that it to ease you out of a tough situation, and then gives you time to face your worries and deal with them anew. Been restricted by the lockdown has created a mental cage for many people, they are stuck with the same unsolvable worries and anxious behaviours that are fast becoming a habit. In an exclusive interview, a woman was reported to have described her first psychedelic voyage during a lockdown. She said she had been searching obsessively through social media for a long time and she ended up crying a lot. She was suffering emotionally but when she had her first trip and came back, she reported that her roommate commented that she hadn’t been so relaxed in months. The psychedelic had helped her to slow down.

Role of Microdosing for Good Health

It is not the trips alone that have helped people during this period. Microdosing has been a means of ensuring stability for most people. According to a report by the Metro newspaper a woman from London said microdosing helped her attain viral moments of calm when things started to get complicated and she became more focused
It is not too late to try psychedelics. There have been strong proofs from both the scientific and therapeutic communities, as well as regular people who chose to self-medicate. It has become clear that psychedelics have a large part to play in the recovery from Covid-19 as a result. When the world is set to get back on track, it is essential to put the mental health of those that are struggling first. It seems as if the psychedelic renaissance has arrived when it is most needed.


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