Buy High-Quality Shrooms In Canada: BUYSHROOMSCANADA

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  Introduction At Chronic Club, we offer the highest quality psychedelics at affordable prices, delivered discreetly to locations across Canada. Buying shrooms online from our website is easy, with quick and efficient order processing. Convenience of Buying Shrooms Online in Canada If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable source for magic mushrooms, Chronic Club […]

Is Magic Mushroom Legal in Canada?

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Introduction Blue Meanie mushrooms are a super potent strain that belongs to the Panaeolus Cyanascens species. These magic mushrooms are soft, tiny, and feature a white speckled cap and a distinct blue color along the stem. They are thought to have originated in the warm, tropical climate of Southern Australia. Blue Meanie mushrooms contain extreme […]

How much do shrooms cost?

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Introduction Psychedelics have risen quickly in demand across the last few years. Buying shrooms online in Canada has become easy. Now when you start thinking to buy shrooms the main thing that comes in your mind is cost and potency. The costs are different and vary according to the place from where you are getting […]

Types Of Magic Mushrooms

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Magic mushrooms are a different kind of fungi which contain an active ingredient called psilocybin. The magic mushrooms is now classed amongst a couple of other substances as a plant that initiates notably psychedelic responses from the human psychological system. These shrooms have formed part of an age long tradition passed down in some cultures […]

Where Should I Buy Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms in Canada?

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Introduction In Canada, it is illegal to possess psilocybin and psilocin or purchase it without a prescription or license. Online dispensaries are given permits to sell in micro-doses to Canadian patients, provided they have a medical prescription. Here are a few dispensaries where you can purchase magic mushrooms online in Canada: Chronic Club Chronic Club […]