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Is Magic Mushroom Legal in Canada?


Blue Meanie mushrooms are a super potent strain that belongs to the Panaeolus Cyanascens species. These magic mushrooms are soft, tiny, and feature a white speckled cap and a distinct blue color along the stem. They are thought to have originated in the warm, tropical climate of Southern Australia. Blue Meanie mushrooms contain extreme levels of psilocin and psilocybin; hence they’re considered the world’s most potent magic mushrooms. In fact, they are 2 or 3 times more potent than any other panaeolus cyanascens strains. The popularity of these magic mushrooms has continued to grow in the recent years due to their incredible health benefits.

The following are the health benefits of blue meanie mushrooms

They help to alleviate depression

The naturally-occurring psychoactive compounds found in blue meanie mushrooms are known to alleviate symptoms of depression such as mood swings, irritability, general discontent, and sadness. Along with improving anxiety, these compounds elicit peacefulness, calmness, and happiness. This can translate to social benefits such as more extroversion, a greater sense of connection, and an improved outlook of life. Due to its mood-enhancing qualities, blue meanie mushroom has been adopted as a psychotherapy tool in the treatment of cancer patients and those battling terminal illnesses. Overall, those diagnosed with clinical depression can benefit greatly from these magic mushrooms.

These mushrooms improve obsessive compulsive disorder

Several clinical trials have shown that psilocybin doses improve obsessive compulsive disorder symptoms. The psychoactive compounds present in blue meanie mushroom help to alleviate the persistent and unwanted behaviors resulting from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). The compulsions associated with OCD not only cause distress but also impair ones’ social interactions. Psilocybin and psilocin interact with serotonin receptors in the brain to change their binding activity. They interrupt the rigid repeating patterns of thought that result in obsessive compulsions.


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