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How much do shrooms cost?


Psychedelics have risen quickly in demand across the last few years. Buying shrooms online in Canada has become easy. Now when you start thinking to buy shrooms the main thing that comes in your mind is cost and potency. The costs are different and vary according to the place from where you are getting the shrooms. It is important to know whether you are buying from a legit website or simply wasting your money. We’ve placed out the various kinds of shrooms and have written a rough pattern for how much shrooms should cost.

How to buy shrooms

When you start planning to buy shrooms so there are two options available for you either online or through someone local. Ordering or buying online from an online dispensary can really be more easy.

When you buy from an online shroom dispensary many aspects play an important role like;

  • The potency of magic mushrooms
  • Type of shrooms they offer
  • The facility in which they can produce magic mushrooms to sell

Before purchasing keep understand this which type of shrooms you want to buy or would like to buy an edible or micro-dose. So first decide what type you want before searching for the prices.

Here are a list of few Magic Mushroom Online Dispensaries in Canada

  1. Chronic Club
  2. Nupep Shrooms
  3. Buy Mushrooms Canada
  4. Canada Shrooms
  5. Fantasy Shrooms
  6. Canada Mushrooms

Cost of shrooms

Although prices will vary from strain to strain. There are a variety of shrooms so you can get an idea like what type of shrooms sold for with their prices. Endured mycologists understand wherever to get mushrooms developing natural, and purists say you can grow shrooms at your own place as well but few myco-curious people would clearly preferably understand where to purchase shrooms and how much they cost, particularly if they’re fresh to psychedelics.

For whole dried shrooms

Whole dried mushrooms are of different sizes and species. If you think all species cost the same, that is incorrect.

Here is a list of shrooms Chronic Club currently sells:







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