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Usage and Effects of Tuci

If you frequent nightclubs in the UK, you’ll likely encounter substances like MDMA, ketamine, cocaine, and Tuci. While the first three are well-known within party scenes, Tuci remains relatively unfamiliar. This article seeks to shed light on this substance and its impacts.

Tuci, first synthesized in 1974 by Alexander Shulgin, may ring a bell for those familiar with mental health treatments. Shulgin popularized MDMA’s use in psychology. Tuci was initially used as a therapeutic aid until the German drug company, Drittewelle, began marketing it as the aphrodisiac Erox. When MDMA was criminalized in the United States in 1985, Tuci briefly stepped in as an ecstasy substitute. The drug also made its way into Dutch smart shops under the name Nexus, possibly the source of Tuci appearing in Britain (where its use and possession are illegal) today.

For a long time, knowledge of Tuci was restricted to a select group of psychedelic enthusiasts. The drug gained prominence as drug-related message boards on platforms like Reddit gained followers. This spread of information has driven many dealers to buy and sell the drug via the dark web.

The drug’s reach was underscored in a 2018 survey, with about 7% of respondents admitting to having used it. Tuci even found a mention in popular rapper Kanye West’s track, “Yikes.”

Although today’s generation arguably has more access to drugs, knowledge of harm reduction is widespread. Work culture emphasizing freelancing, remote working, and weekend shifts may even mitigate the impacts of drug-induced hangovers.

Tuci users argue that it offers distinct advantages over other drugs. Unlike other substances, it doesn’t deplete serotonin, the “feel-good” hormone. Tuci mimics this hormone similarly to some antidepressants, making side effects like exhaustion, sadness, and neurotoxicity less likely. Users also claim that their body’s tolerance to Tuci resets within 48 hours, implying they won’t pursue increasingly high doses over time. One user, Mo, stated the drug doesn’t impact his cognitive functioning. He recommended managing the physical discomfort by moderating the dosage, consuming on an empty stomach, or consuming small amounts of alcohol beforehand.

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