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$5.00$7.14 per‎ g

✅THC Content: 23-28%

✅Strain Type: Indica

✅Strain Grade: AAAA

✅Aromas/Flavours: Natural, Sweet, Pugent

✅Effects: Euphoria, Hungry, Relaxation, Sedation

✅Medical Uses: Stress, Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia

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OG Kush Indica AAAA+
This item: OG Kush Indica AAAA+
$5.00$7.14 per‎ g
$5.00$7.14 per‎ g
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Original price was: $49.00.Current price is: $46.55.
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OG Kush Strain Information

A cornerstone in the world of cannabis, revered as one of the most original and influential strains in existence. Serving as the progenitor of the esteemed OG family, it has birthed a lineage of legendary strains that have left an indelible mark on cannabis culture, earning widespread praise and recognition, notably through its appearances in films and other media.

Due to its rich historical significance, the precise genetics remain somewhat elusive. While some speculate that it may have originated from a cross with early Chemdawg or Hindu Kush strains, the prevailing belief is that “OG” stands for “Original Gangster,” though others interpret it as “Ocean Grown Kush,” likely referencing its historical cultivation near the California Bay. Regardless of its origins, any strain bearing the “OG” title is considered a noteworthy cultivar, with OG Kush reigning as the quintessential OG strain.


A robust earthiness, serving as a hallmark characteristic for many Kush varieties. Its aroma is complex, blending notes of pungent fuel, skunk, and aromatic spices. This distinctive scent, often described as dank and earthy, persists across its descendant strains, making it instantly recognizable.


Dominated by earthy and dank undertones, it also boasts hints of spice and pepper, culminating in a smoke with a bold, barbecue-like bite. Citrus undertones provide a refreshing balance without overpowering the overall


Despite its indica dominant, OG Kush buds exhibit a dense, Indica-like structure, characterized by medium to large nuggets with a chunky, weighty feel. The leaves display a blend of green-yellow hues, adorned with glistening orange trichomes, rendering each bud visually striking and photogenic.


OG Kush delivers potent mental effects, offering a swift surge of energy and heightened sensory perception. It induces a relaxing and uplifting sensation, alleviating stress, worry, and anxiety while fostering sociability and euphoria. Known for inducing laughter and stimulating appetite, it boasts a high THC content ranging from 23% to 28%, making it an excellent choice for treating a variety of conditions, including chronic stress, anxiety, depression, appetite loss, headaches, and migraines. Ideal for daytime or early evening use, OG Kush is perfect for social gatherings or uplifting the mood with its stimulating effects.

THC Content: 23-28%

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Best enjoyed during the day or early evening, OG Kush offers a stimulating and uplifting experience suitable for various settings, whether alone or in social scenarios.

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Free Integra Boost (Humidity Control) Included
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OG Kush Indica AAAA+ OG Kush Indica AAAA+
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