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✅ THC Concentration: 100mg THC

✅ Effects: Formulated for relaxation and wellness

✅ Common Usage: Ideal for stress and anxiety relief

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This item: High Dose – Blackberry THC Gummies 1000mg
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Inspired by the relaxed vibes of West Coast surfers, skaters, and free spirits, High Dose Blackberry gummies embody the spirit of fun when it comes to edibles.

In an era where cannabis is often seen as a wellness wonder, the simple pleasure of sharing an edible with pals and unwinding seems like a fading tradition. At High Dose, we’re not against the health-focused approach, but we believe there’s a time and space where good cannabis is just that—good cannabis. That’s why we crafted High Dose gummies: irresistibly tasty treats infused with a hefty dose of the finest THC, designed solely for a great time.

Indulge in High Dose Blackberry gummies solo or with friends, but we suggest having a trusted pal temporarily block numbers of anyone you’re trying to impress on your phone. Embrace the unconventional.

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High Dose – Blackberry THC Gummies 1000mg High Dose – Blackberry THC Gummies 1000mg
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