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$8.57$10.00 per‎ gram

✅ THC Concentration: High potency Kief

✅ Effects: Relaxation, Euphoria, Heightened Senses, Creativity, Pain relief

Common Usage:Stress, Depression, Pain, Fatigue, Inflammation & Anxiety


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This item: Kief - OG Kush
$8.57$10.00 per‎ gram
$8.57$10.00 per‎ gram
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Sourced directly from local cultivators, our OG Kush Kief originates from carefully harvested, small-batch crops of premium OG Kush. With an impressively high THC concentration ranging from 35-40% on average, this OG Kush Kief packs a potent punch. Its versatility knows no bounds, as it seamlessly integrates into joints, bowls, and dry-herb vaporizers for a quick-acting and heavy-hitting experience.

What Is Kief:

Kief comprises the resin glands or trichomes of the cannabis plant, separated from the plant matter to yield a pure THC concentrate. If you’ve ever owned a grinder, you understand the delight of collecting kief for occasional potent indulgence. For those seeking instant gratification, our AAA+ grade Trainwreck kief stands ready, boasting top-tier quality for all medicating needs.

How To Smoke Kief:

The methods for enjoying kief are limitless. Whether sprinkled or “crowned” onto bong or pipe bowls, or mixed into joints, the experience is both convenient and rewarding. Simply kick back, relax, and savor the effects of this versatile cannabis concentrate.

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Kief - OG Kush Kief - OG Kush
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