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$19.64$35.00 per‎ gram

✅ THC Concentration: High potency Diamonds

✅ Effects: Euphoric, Happy, Psychoactive

Common Usage: Stress, Depression, Anxiety


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This item: Diamonds - Crystal Ice
$19.64$35.00 per‎ gram
$19.64$35.00 per‎ gram
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THC diamonds, also known as THC crystalline, bear a striking resemblance to the petite gems from which they take their endearing name. With a purity of 99% THC-A, they come in various sizes, ranging from granulated sugar-like grains to larger, full-sized diamond-like structures measuring a few millimeters wide. The remaining 1% of THC diamond consists of terpenes and other cannabinoids, making it the purest form of THC achievable.

Optimal Usage of THC Diamonds:

Given that THC diamonds primarily consist of THCA, incorporating them into beverages or edibles might not yield the desired effects. The most effective methods for utilizing THC diamonds involve smoking, vaping, or dabbing. Essentially, any approach utilizing a heating element capable of reaching 350 degrees Fahrenheit or higher should adequately activate and release the THC within.

Effects of THC Diamonds:

The effects of consuming THC diamonds are notably potent and not suited for those with low tolerance levels. A comparison between THC crystals and standard marijuana plants underscores the stark contrast, providing insight into the potential experience. While cannabis flowers typically contain 20%-25% THC, THC diamonds boast nearly 100% potency. Thus, the intensity of using THC crystals surpasses that of traditional dried herb consumption by fourfold.

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Diamonds - Crystal Ice Diamonds - Crystal Ice
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