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✅THC Content: 16 – 24%

✅Strain Type: Sativa

✅Strain Grade: AAA

✅Aromas/Flavours: Earthy, Spicy, Sweet

✅Effects: Euphoria, Energy, Focus, Creativity

✅Medical Uses:Anxiety, Depression, Appetite, Fatigue

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Candyland Sativa AAA
This item: Candyland Sativa AAA
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Candyland Strain Information

Candyland, a beloved sativa-dominant strain originating from San Francisco, is the brainchild of cannabis connoisseur Ken Estes. Crafted through a cross between Grand Daddy Purple and Bay Area Platinum Cookies, both renowned for their enjoyable, sweet flavors, Candyland offers a delightful and uplifting experience. With a moderate THC percentage, it’s an excellent option for daytime use, social engagements, and enhancing creativity.


In Candyland, the aroma reflects a delightful complexity, intertwining the sweet notes reminiscent of candy with an underlying earthy musk, creating an enticing olfactory experience.


Named for its remarkable sweetness, Candyland captivates users with a symphony of intricate flavors that unfold with each inhale. While sweetness reigns supreme, subtle hints of spice and earthiness dance on the palate, adding layers of depth and complexity to the overall sensory experience.


Recognizable by its vibrant green hue and dense buds, Candyland’s flowers boast small to medium sizes and are adorned with long, reddish-orange hairs.


As a sativa-dominant strain, Candyland is celebrated for its enjoyable cerebral high. Medicinal users find solace in its ability to enhance focus and energize the mind. Many turn to Candyland to alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and low mood, as well as to stimulate appetite. 

THC Content: 16 – 24%

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With its sativa-leaning effects, Candyland typically initiates with a surge of mood elevation and energy, paving the way for increased creativity and excitement. This Kush offers uplifting and stimulating effects, making it a perfect strain for social gatherings or creative pastimes. Buy Candyland Sativa AAA online in Canada. We have the best prices and fast shipping. Delivered to your doorstep discreetly. Best weed dispensary online. Indulging in this kush is akin to embarking on a flavorful journey where each puff reveals new dimensions of its tantalizing taste profile.

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Free Integra Boost (Humidity Control) Included
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Candyland Sativa AAA Candyland Sativa AAA
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