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$7.14$11.43 per‎ gram

✅THC Content: 22-24%

✅Strain Type: Indica

✅Strain Grade: AAAA

✅Aromas/Flavours: Sweet, Natural, Berry

✅Effects: Euphoria, Hungry, Relaxation, Sedation

✅Medical Uses: Stress, Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia

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Black Diamond Indica AAAA+
This item: Black Diamond Indica AAAA+
$7.14$11.43 per‎ gram
$7.14$11.43 per‎ gram
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Black Diamond Strain Information

Black Diamond isn’t just another strain – it’s the epitome of excellence! Infused with positive vibes, this strain is guaranteed to uplift spirits while inducing a deeply relaxing sensation throughout the body. Its potent sedative effects are balanced by a clear-headed mental clarity, making it an ideal choice for maintaining focus and concentration. The result of crossing the Blackberry strain with Diamond OG, resulting in flowers that boast a rich purple hue adorned with shimmering trichomes.


Tantalizes the senses with a luscious aroma reminiscent of fresh berries, underscored by nutty nuances and subtle earthiness. Breaking apart the buds reveals a musky, earthy scent that accentuates its natural nutty fragrance.


The smoke of Black Diamond glides smoothly over the palate, delivering a thick flavor profile dominated by notes of rich oak and berries. Its lingering taste beckons for another puff, whether vaped or smoked, ensuring a delightful sensory experience with each hit.


Resembling precious gemstones, Black Diamond buds exhibit hues of dark green and purple, complemented by dark orange hairs. Its surface is adorned with frosty-white trichomes, creating a dazzling gem-like appearance.


Black Diamond is renowned for its ability to induce laughter and elevate mood, offering a social and relaxing experience. Its “kick you in the face” buzz swiftly leads to sedation, making it an ideal choice for pain relief and combatting nausea. Perfect for evening use, it promises a restful night’s sleep or a cozy evening spent watching movies, thanks to its smooth body high and clear-headed effects. Its soothing properties make it effective for alleviating chronic stress, pain, and insomnia, while also providing relief from muscle tension and nausea. Additionally, it may spark hunger and induce giggles in some users.

THC Content: 22-24%

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For those seeking an infusion of good vibes, Black Diamond is the perfect choice. Its ability to spread smiles while inducing relaxation and mental clarity makes it a must-have for any cannabis enthusiast looking to elevate their experience.

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Free Integra Boost (Humidity Control) Included
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Black Diamond Indica AAAA+ Black Diamond Indica AAAA+
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